Coronavirus pandemic: Masks in high demand, Burail jail store gets new order for 20,000

Jagpreet Singh Sandhu
coronavirus, n 95 masks

After learning about the production of masks at the jail complex, several residents of Tricity are planning to purchase these masks from the jail shop.

The Chandigarh Burail Jail authorities, who have begun an initiative under which inmates have been stitching masks to prevent coronavirus spread, have received orders for over 20,000 masks from different departments of the UT administration. With the heightening scare of coronavirus outbreak, the demand for sanitizers and face masks have steeply increased in the city.

As per Burail Jail authorities, around 1,00,000 masks have been ordered by the Director Health Services (DHS), 1,000 by the Food and Supply department, 1,500 by the Meham Sugar Mill in Rohtak, 2,000 by the Chandigarh Hospitality department, 250 by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), and at least 250 by the District Sessions Judge, 250 by the Finance department, 100 by the Secretariat and 1,000 by the Chandigarh police.

AIG Prison, Virat said, “After being suggested by the DHS, we began producing three-layered masks, which are more protective and can help prevent the spread of the virus. The masks are being sold to the departments, and will also be sold to the general public for Rs 10 each. The masks have been prepared under an initiative involving the jail inmates, towards our social responsibility and thus, these masks are being prepared on no profit and no loss basis.”

The AIG Prisons said that even after the coronavirus threat is over, the manufacturing of the masks will continue and the prison’s store, Srijan, will keep selling it to the public. At present, since the demand for masks have increased, we have assigned the task to more women inmates to speed up the production. The sale of masks for the general public will be open from Monday at the Srijan Store in Sector 22, Chandigarh.

Meanwhile, after learning about the production of masks at the jail complex, several residents of Tricity are planning to purchase these masks from the jail shop. Dr Pankaj Chandna, who runs a homeopathy clinic in Panchkukla, said, “Manufacturing high quality masks in the jail complex is a great initiative by the Chandigarh jail authorities, as the chance of an infected person involved in the making of the masks is not possible there.”

He added, “I have bought masks from the general medical stores in the city. They are quite expensive. After the Chandigarh jail complex starts selling these masks to the general public, we will approach the shop for buying them.”

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