Coronavirus outbreak: Scientists in Pune capture first image of COVID-19

Alphonse Joseph
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Pune, Mar 28: In what comes as a major development from India, the first images of what the novel coronavirus looks like are out.

These pictures of the novel coronavirus have been taken by a team of ICMR-NIV scientists in Pune.

According to reports, the pictures have been taken using a transmission electron microscope and have been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research.

Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, are from the throat swab of the first laboratory confirmed case in India reported on January 30.

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The pictures revealed the presence of stalk-like projections ending in round structures typical of a coronavirus particle.

According to reports, the description of a novel virus, was referred to as the Wuhan coronavirus (CoV). It is probably the most recent human pneumonia-like virus with a potential of high outbreak.

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