Coronavirus Outbreak: Reliance Jio announces self-diagnostic tool, also available for non-Jio users

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With the Coronavirus pandemic on the rise, the Indian government, along with tech companies around the world, are undertaking various measures to help contain the virus and curb the circulation of fake news.

In similar efforts, telecom operator Reliance Jio has also announced a self-diagnostic tool €" MyJio Coronavirus tool.

What does the MyJio Coronavirus tool do?

The tool will help users declare their health parameters, and be guided to scientifically recommended next-steps based on their risk-status: For low risk, users will be recommended to stay-at-home and social distancing; For moderate risk, they will be recommended home-isolation, and in case of high risk, the tool is integrated with intervention pipelines of local administration.

The MyJio Coronavirus tool will also have periodic push-campaigns to check-in with citizens about any change in their health situation, and re-assess risk. Accordingly, these users will be advised further.

Reliance says this tool will offer something for all its users. For low-risk users, the tool will put to rest any possible misapprehensions, as well as reinforce social distancing messages.

Medium risk users will be armed with information about what to watch out for and where to seek help if they need medical assistance.

Users with high-risk symptoms will be provided with appropriate medical interventions so that they are isolated and treated promptly.

Further, the data that will be collected with the tool, Reliance Jio says, will act as a "powerful information source" that can give visibility to policymakers and administration officials.

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Where and for whom is the MyJio Coronavirus tool available?

The tool is available on the MyJio app, which is ordinarily available only for Jio users, however, during the pandemic, Reliance Jio is opening the app to non-Jio users as well. This means, irrespective of what network you are on, you will be able to use the MyJio Coronavirus tool.

Jio is set to take the tool live immediately in English, and in parallel, the company is also making the tool available in Hindi, as well as all major Indian languages in the next 24-48 hours.

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