Coronavirus Outbreak: Google is using location data to show COVID-19 mobility reports

tech2 News Staff

To make people aware of the number of Coronavirus-affected cases in different parts of the world, Microsoft had launched a COVID-19 tracking website. Google has now also released an in-house tool to analyse the spread of Coronavirus. The  "COVID-19 Community Mobility Report" aims to show what exactly has changed since people have started working from home and restricted them to their houses.


The report shows data based on an increase or decrease in the movement of people to places like pharmacies, grocery stores, parks, transit stations and so on.

The report also reveals data country-wise. In India, per the report, there is a decrease of 71 percent of mobility in retail and recreation places, a 65 percent decrease at pharmacies and grocery stores, a 71 percent decrease in public transports, a 47 percent decrease in workplaces and so on.

All you need to do is go on this link and type name of your country, if it is already rolled out in your country, it will show you a detailed report on the same.

This analysis is rolled out for 131 countries at the moment and Google has announced that it will come out in other countries as well. Google has ensured that no personally identifiable information €" like an individual's location, contacts or movement €" is revealed at any point.

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