Coronavirus outbreak: These five districts account for 54 per cent of COVID-19 spread in India

Alphonse Joseph

New Delhi, June 01: With India inching towards the 2,00,000-mark in the number of COVID-19 cases, several cities has played a major role in increasing in the number of positive cases so far.

However, it can be seen that Maharashtra is one of the worst-affected state due to the novel coronavirus infection. The number of cases in this state is increasing rapidly since the outbreak was reported in the country. Also, the state's capital, Mumbai is one among the hardest hit cities by the pandemic.

Here's a list of some cities in India that has the highest caseload of the novel coronavirus:


Beginning with the capital city of Maharashtra, it has recorded 41,206 cases of coronavirus so far. According to the Union Health Ministry, Mumbai recorded 4,284 COVID-19 positive cases in the last two days (till Sunday). Dharavi slums is one amoung the areas that recorded massive number of COVID-19 cases in the city. With 1,333 deaths, Mumbai has also reported the most deaths among all cities.

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The urban centre in south India, Chennai in Tamil Nadu stands next in the tally of the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases. According to the official data, Chennai has 14,800 cases, which is compareitively lesser than the Mumbai's tally, and recorded 132 deaths from the coronavirus disease. In the last two days, Chennai has recorded 1,420 coronavirus cases.


The next on the list is Ahmedabad in Gujarat. This city has reported 12,180 cases of coronavirus-19 and the number of fatalities is more than Chennai. The total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the city stands at 842.

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Thane would be the second district in Maharashtra where the number of coronavirus has severely spread around the locality. As many as 10,488 COVID-19 cases are reported from this district with about 227 fatalities. The more worrying fact is that Thane has seen one of the highest spike in coronavirus cases, it recorded 2,405 cases in the last two days.


Pune, Maharashtra is also a COVID-19 hotspot in the state that recorded 8,560 cases and 348 deaths. In the last two days, the numbers increased from 6,737 to 8,560.

Also, it can be seen that these places in India account for 54 per cent of new cases in the last two days. There are several other other hard-hit districts such as Madhya Pradesh's Indore (with 3,449 cases), West Bengal's Kolkata (with 2,167 cases) and Rajasthan's Jaipur (with 2,029 cases).

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