Coronavirus: Only 3.8% vaccinated as death toll crosses 3 lakh

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Coronavirus: Only 3.8% vaccinated as death toll crosses 3 lakh
Coronavirus: Only 3.8% vaccinated as death toll crosses 3 lakh

24 May 2021: Coronavirus: Only 3.8% vaccinated as death toll crosses 3 lakh

On Monday, India's death toll due to COVID-19 crossed the 3 lakh mark in what has been the deadliest month since the beginning of the pandemic. The last one lakh COVID-19 deaths were added in less than a month. However, vaccinations have slowed across India since a peak in early April. Thus far, India has only fully vaccinated 3.8% of its total population.

Statistics: India's tally reaches 2.67 crore cases, 3.03 lakh deaths

According to the Union Health Ministry, till Monday morning, India reported a total of 2,67,52,447 COVID-19 cases. The death toll has reached 3,03,720. So far, 2,37,28,011 patients have recovered, while 27,20,716 cases involve active infections. In the past 24 hours alone, India recorded 2,22,315 new infections, 3,02,544 more discharges, and 4,454 fresh fatalities. 19,60,51,962 vaccine doses have been administered so far.

States: Tamil Nadu reports 35K new cases, highest for any state

Maharashtra reported 26,672 new COVID-19 cases along with 29,177 more recoveries. Karnataka, the second worst-hit state after Maharashtra, reported 25,979 new cases and 35,573 discharges. Meanwhile, the third worst-hit Kerala added 25,820 new cases and 37,316 recoveries. Tamil Nadu, the fourth worst-hit state, reported 35,483 new cases and 25,196 recoveries. Uttar Pradesh reported 4,844 new cases and 14,086 recoveries.

Trend: Number of deaths accelerating rapidly

India had reported its first COVID-19 death on March 12, 2020. It took seven months for the death toll to reach 1 lakh, and about another seven months before it hit 2 lakh in late April. In just 27 days, the death toll has surged past 3 lakh. With a week to go before the month ends, May has already been the deadliest month.

Deaths: India accounts for 8.6% of global deaths

India now accounts for 8.6% of the global 34.7 million COVID-19 fatalities. It has the third-highest death toll. However, experts maintain the true number of deaths and infections could be five to 10 times higher due to insufficient testing. The government said on Sunday that India is conducting a higher number of tests. Over 2.1 million samples were tested in the last 24 hours.

Vaccination: Vaccinations have slowed; India allows on-site registration for 18-44 demographic

India's vaccination drive has also slowed from 3.2 million doses administered on April 26 to 1 million on Sunday. Even as several vaccination centers across India have halted inoculations for the 18-44 age group due to vaccine shortage, India on Monday allowed on-site vaccine registration for the demographic. This will allow those without internet access to get vaccinated and reduce wastage, the government said.

Fact: Only 41.6 million fully vaccinated so far

Thus far, India has only managed to fully vaccinate 41.6 million people or roughly 3.8% of its nearly 1.4 billion population. The country had earlier aimed to vaccinate 300 million people by July. Currently, India has three approved vaccines: Covishield, COVAXIN, and Sputnik V.

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