Coronavirus: Manchester United’s Harry Maguire sets up food distribution network for elderly in Sheffield

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Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has spoken of his pride in being able to provide essential food packagers to pensions in his native Sheffield.

The England international has been a driving force behind both the formation of #PlayersTogether - a charitable fund set up by players to support the NHS – as well as United’s various efforts to help those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Maguire has now also set up a food distribution network for elderly residents in the village of Mosborough, where he was raised, with the help of two local businesses.

“I am very proud of my Mosborough roots,” said Maguire. “It’s where I grew up and where my family still live. I come back to visit everyone as much as I can. There’s always been a real sense of community in the area which is more important than ever at the moment.

“In times like these you think a lot about your loved ones and those that are more elderly, so I just wanted to do something to help those who need it most.

“Herrings Top Shop is a bit of an institution in Mosborough, so my dad and I approached them about creating food packages of everyday essentials to those aged 70-and-over – or their carers – in the local area.

“Herrings have been brilliant in helping us to make this happen, as have their suppliers Fields Fruit and Veg, who are going to carry out all of the deliveries – so it’s been an incredible team effort so far. My family and I hope that this provides a small comfort to people who might be struggling.

“The main reason I wanted to say a few words was just to draw attention to the fact these food parcels can be claimed if people tell us who needs them. So, if you would like to receive one of these packages, or know someone else who might appreciate one, then please look at the Mosborough Community Forum on Facebook where there are further details.

“I appreciate that not all senior citizens are on the internet, but hopefully friends, family or carers can assist them.”

Harry Maguire was one of the driving forces behind the PlayersTogether charitable fund (Getty)

A message was posted on the Mosborough Community Forum Facebook page thanking Maguire for his help.

“We have been contacted by local boy Harry Maguire and we have some nice news to share,” it read. “The Manchester United and England footballer has kindly offered to supply a food package of everyday essentials to the elderly (70 and over) in Mosborough district.

“Harry recognises the difficulty for some of our older residents getting out and about currently – plus the amazing friends, family and carers that have been looking after them.

​“Therefore, he wanted to do something to help. Harry is arranging for the food parcels to be kindly made up by Herrings Top Shop. These will be then delivered by Fields Fruit and Veg so it’s a real community effort.

“It will be one package per household and the deadline to get the information over to us will be Wednesday, 15 April. Herrings Top Shop and Fields Fruit and Veg will then aim to get them delivered to everyone as soon as possible.

“As well as the two retailers, we would just like to say thank you to Harry and his family for this act of kindness and helping the elderly in the Mosborough community.”​

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