Coronavirus latest: at a glance

Kate Lyons

Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include:

Global coronavirus deaths approach 75,000

Global infections stand at more than 1.347m, with deaths at 74,892. The US now has more than 368,000 cases and close to 11,000 deaths and the UK has more than 52,000 cases and close to 5,400 deaths.

World leaders send messages of support to Boris Johnson

The British prime minister was moved to intensive care on Monday night after his condition worsened. Donald Trump paid tribute to Johnson at his daily White House briefing, calling him a “fantastic warm strong smart guy” who “fought like hell for his country. But intensive care is big stuff, really big stuff.” Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison sent his good wishes, saying: “We’re with you mate, and we hope you get better soon.” The British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, will run the country’s coronavirus response in Johnson’s absence.

China reports no deaths from Covid-19

The country reported no coronavirus-related deaths for the first time since it began publishing daily data on the pandemic in January. The good news came as the Chinese city of Wuhan is preparing to reopen transport out of the city tomorrow.

Japan prepares for state of emergency

Prime minister Shinzo Abe is expected to declare a state of emergency in Japan in the coming hours. The move comes after several major regions saw a sharp rise in coronavirus cases, especially in the capital Tokyo.

Hopeful signs from New York

The governors of New York and New Jersey pointed to tentative signs on Monday that the coronavirus outbreak was starting to plateau but warned against complacency as the nationwide death toll approached 11,000 in the US, with more than 366,000 confirmed cases.

Australia tells citizens to stay home for Easter, as infection curve flattens

Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison has told citizens to stay home for Easter, as data showed the country’s infection curve was being bent in the right direction. The country has 5,844 cases and 45 deaths from the virus. But the rate of increase in daily cases has dropped over the last week.

Spain records fourth consecutive drop in daily deaths

The country reported a fourth consecutive drop in the number of coronavirus-related deaths on Monday, with 637 dead over the past 24 hours, the lowest number in nearly two weeks.

New Zealand’s health minister demoted for breaking lockdown rules

Dr David Clark, the country’s health minister, has been demoted for flouting the country’s strict lockdown rules, after he revealed he had driven 20km with his family to go to the beach. This follows an incident last week in which Clark apologised for driving 2km from his home to go mountain biking. Clark again apologised for being “an idiot” and offered his resignation. He retains the health ministry for now, but has been demoted within Cabinet.