Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 20.25 lakh after record single-day spike

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

07 Aug 2020: Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 20.25 lakh after record single-day spike

India on Thursday reported a record single-day spike of over 60,000 new cases. The nationwide tally has reached 20.25 lakh while the death toll climbed to 41,648.

At least seven states independently reported the biggest spike in cases: Maharashtra (11,514 new infections), Karnataka (6,805), Uttar Pradesh (4,586), West Bengal (2,954), Odisha (1,699), Punjab (1,049), and Chhattisgarh (523).

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Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 19,64,536 COVID-19 cases, 40,699 deaths

Till 8 am on Thursday, the Union Health Ministry had confirmed 19,64,536 COVID-19 cases, including 40,699 deaths, 5,95,501 active cases, and 13,28,336 recoveries.

According to data compiled from official state and union territory government statistics, India has reported 20,25,291 cases and 41,648 deaths (including co-morbid fatalities).

Meanwhile, the number of recoveries also reached 13.77 lakh.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Thursday

Maharashtra: 4,79,779 total cases, 16,792 deaths, 3,16,375 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 2,79,144 total cases, 4,571 deaths, 2,21,087 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 1,96,789 total cases, 1,753 deaths, 1,12,870 recoveries.

Karnataka: 1,58,254 total cases, 2,897 deaths, 80,281 recoveries.

Delhi: 1,41,531 total cases, 4,059 deaths, 1,27,124 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 1,08,974 total cases, 1,918 deaths, 63,402 recoveries.

West Bengal: 86,754 total cases, 1,902 deaths, 61,023 recoveries.

Biggest spikes: These states recorded their biggest spikes

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal reported record single-day spikes of 11,514, 6,805, 4,586, and 2,954 cases.

Punjab saw a record spike of 1,049, bringing the total to 20,891, including 517 deaths and 13,659 recoveries.

Chhattisgarh's tally rose to 11,020 with a record spike of 523 cases. The state has also reported 77 deaths and 8,088 recoveries.

Fact: Record spike pushed Odisha's tally past 40,000

Odisha's tally crossed 40,000 with the biggest single-day spike of 1,699 cases. The state's total has reached 40,717 cases with 26,888 recoveries. The death toll is 235 (excluding 45 non-COVID deaths).

Key updates: Andhra Pradesh sees second-biggest spike; 3,416 new cases in Bihar

Andhra Pradesh saw its second-biggest spike of 10,328 cases, while 5,684 new cases were reported in Tamil Nadu.

Telangana saw a huge spike of 2,092 cases. The state's total has reached 73,050, including 589 deaths and 52,103 recoveries.

A huge spike of 3,416 cases brought Bihar's total to 68,148. 388 patients have died in the state while 43,820 have recovered.

Key updates: 2,372 new cases in Assam; Kerala's tally crosses 30,000

2,372 new cases pushed Assam's tally to 52,817, which includes 126 deaths and 37,224 recoveries.

Rajasthan reported 1,151 new cases bringing the state's total to 48,996, including 757 deaths and 35,131 recoveries.

1,299 new cases were reported in Delhi.

1,298 new cases pushed Kerala's total to 30,449, including 18,333 recoveries. The death toll is 97 (excluding a Mahe native's death in Kannur).