Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 11.9 million with 62K+ new cases

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

27 Mar 2021: Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 11.9 million with 62K+ new cases

India on Friday reported more than 62,000 fresh coronavirus infections, pushing the nationwide tally to 11.9 million cases.

Meanwhile, more than 290 more patients died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 1,61,294.

Maharashtra, which is the worst-hit state in India, continued to report a high daily positivity rate in coronavirus infections.

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Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 1,18,46,652 COVID-19 cases, 1,60,949 deaths

Till Friday morning, the Health Ministry had reported 1,18,46,652 COVID-19 cases, including 1,60,949 deaths, 4,21,066 active cases, and 1,12,64,637 recoveries.

According to data compiled from state/UT statistics, India reported 1,19,08,383 cases and 1,61,294 deaths till Friday night. Over 11.29 million have recovered.

5,69,57,612 people were vaccinated in India till 7 pm on Friday and a total of 14,53,172 beneficiaries were vaccinated on the day.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Friday

Maharashtra: 26,37,735 total cases, 53,907 deaths, 23,00,056 recoveries.

Kerala: 11,13,722 total cases, 4,553 deaths, 10,84,585 recoveries.

Karnataka: 9,81,044 total cases, 12,484 deaths, 9,48,988 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 8,96,863 total cases, 7,203 deaths, 8,85,515 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 8,75,190 total cases, 12,650 deaths, 8,51,222 recoveries.

Delhi: 6,54,276 total cases, 10,987 deaths, 6,37,238 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 6,11,301 total cases, 8,779 deaths, 5,96,698 recoveries.

Fact: These states recorded their biggest spikes

36,902 more people tested positive in Maharashtra with 1,56,685 tests on Friday. At 23.5%, the state continued to record a high daily positivity rate. Punjab reported 3,176 new cases, pushing the state's tally to 2,26,059. 6,517 patients have died in Punjab while 1,96,831 have recovered.

Key updates: 2.2K new cases in Gujarat; Karnataka reports 2.5K fresh infections

Karnataka reported 2,523 new cases. The daily positivity rate stood at 2.28% with 1,12,271 tests conducted on Friday.

Gujarat reported 2,190 new cases, pushing the state's tally to 2,96,320, which includes 4,479 deaths and 2,81,707 recoveries.

Madhya Pradesh reported 2,091 new cases. The state's tally has now climbed to 2,84,265, which includes 3,937 deaths and 2,68,290 recoveries.

Key updates: Delhi reports 1.5K more cases; 2.6K fresh infections in Chhattisgarh

1,534 more people tested positive in Delhi. The daily positivity rate stood at 1.8% with 85,092 tests conducted on Friday.

Chhattisgarh reported a spike of 2,665 new cases, pushing the state's tally to 3,34,778. 4,048 patients have died in the state while 3,15,423 have recovered.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh reported 1,971, 1,825, 1,032, and 984 new cases respectively.