Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 10.85 million with 10K+ new cases

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

10 Feb 2021: Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 10.85 million with 10K+ new cases

India on Tuesday reported more than 10,000 fresh coronavirus infections, pushing the nationwide tally to 10.85 million cases.

Meanwhile, at least 90 more patients died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 1,55,310.

Kerala, which is among the worst-hit Indian states, continued to report a high daily positivity rate in coronavirus infections.

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Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 1,08,47,304 COVID-19 cases, 1,55,158 deaths

Till Tuesday morning, the Health Ministry reported 1,08,47,304 cases, including 1,55,158 deaths, 1,43,625 active cases, and 1,05,48,521 recoveries.

According to data compiled from state/UT statistics, India reported 1,08,58,396 cases and 1,55,310 deaths till Tuesday night. Nearly 10.56 million have recovered.

Meanwhile, 65,28,210 people were vaccinated in India till 6:30 pm on Tuesday and a total of 2,69,202 beneficiaries were vaccinated on the day.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Tuesday

Maharashtra: 20,48,802 total cases, 51,360 deaths, 19,61,525 recoveries.

Kerala: 9,77,394 total cases, 3,902 deaths, 9,09,102 recoveries.

Karnataka: 9,43,212 total cases, 12,241 deaths, 9,25,167 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 8,88,555 total cases, 7,160 deaths, 8,80,478 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 8,42,730 total cases, 12,391 deaths, 8,26,011 recoveries.

Delhi: 6,36,260 total cases, 10,882 deaths, 6,24,326 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 6,01,562 total cases, 8,691 deaths, 5,89,565 recoveries.

Key updates: 5.2K new cases in Kerala; Maharashtra reports 2.5K fresh infections

Kerala reported 5,214 new cases, marking a daily positivity rate of 7.4% with 69,844 tests. The Centre has asked states to limit the positivity rate under 5%.

2,515 more people tested positive in Maharashtra, marking a daily positivity rate of 5.1% with 48,958 tests.

In Chhattisgarh, daily infections stood at 206. The tally has climbed to 3,07,996, including 3,746 deaths and 3,00,078 recoveries.

Key updates: Delhi reports 100 more cases; 146 fresh infections in Bengal

100 more people tested positive in Delhi. The daily positivity rate stood at 0.17% with 56,410 tests conducted on Tuesday.

West Bengal reported a spike of 146 new cases, pushing the state's tally to 5,71,636. 10,215 patients have died in the state while 5,56,925 have recovered.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh reported 469, 366, 113, and 70 new cases respectively.