Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 10.14 million with 23K+ new cases

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

25 Dec 2020: Coronavirus: India's tally reaches 10.14 million with 23K+ new cases

India on Wednesday reported over 23,000 fresh coronavirus infections, pushing the nationwide tally past 10.14 million cases.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, more than 97 lakh people have recovered from the viral disease.

Meanwhile, the death toll has climbed past 1.47 lakh with at least 300 more fatalities in the past 24 hours.

Here are more updates.

Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 1,01,23,778 COVID-19 cases, 1,46,756 deaths

Till 8 am on Thursday, the Union Health Ministry had confirmed 1,01,23,778 COVID-19 cases, including 1,46,756 deaths, 2,83,849 active cases, and 96,93,173 recoveries.

According to data compiled from official state and union territory government statistics, India has reported 1,01,47,408 cases and 1,47,147 deaths (including co-morbid fatalities).

Meanwhile, the total number of recoveries has reached 97.1 lakh.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Thursday

Maharashtra: 19,09,951 total cases, 49,058 deaths, 18,04,871 recoveries.

Karnataka: 9,13,483 total cases, 12,039 deaths, 8,87,815 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 8,80,075 total cases, 7,089 deaths, 8,69,124 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 8,11,115 total cases, 12,036 deaths, 7,89,862 recoveries.

Kerala: 7,26,687 total cases, 2,914 deaths, 6,60,445 recoveries.

Delhi: 6,20,681 total cases, 10,384 deaths, 6,02,388 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 5,78,697 total cases, 8,266 deaths, 5,54,202 recoveries.

Key updates: 5.1K new cases in Kerala; Maharashtra reports 3.5K fresh cases

Kerala reported 5,177 new cases, marking a daily positivity rate of 9.2% with 56,073 tests. The Centre has asked states to limit the positivity rate under 5%.

3,580 more people tested positive in Maharashtra, marking a daily positivity rate of 5.7% with 62,728 tests.

In Gujarat, daily infections stood at 990. The tally has climbed to 2,39,195, including 4,262 deaths and 2,24,092 recoveries.

Key updates: Bengal's tally reaches 5.43 lakh; Delhi reports 1K+ new cases

West Bengal reported a spike of 1,590 new cases, pushing the state's tally to 5,43,214. 9,505 patients have died in the state while 5,18,516 have recovered.

1,063 more people tested positive in Delhi. The daily positivity rate stood at 1.1% with 89,920 tests conducted on Thursday.

Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh reported 1,166, 1,143, 1,035, and 357 new cases respectively.