Coronavirus: India's tally nears 24 lakh after record single-day spike

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

13 Aug 2020: Coronavirus: India's tally nears 24 lakh after record single-day spike

India on Wednesday reported roughly 67,000 new coronavirus infections marking the biggest single-day spike so far. The nationwide total has reached 23.95 lakh while the death toll crossed 47,000 with over 900 more fatalities.

At least four states and union territories independently reported record spikes in cases: Karnataka (7,883 new cases), Assam (4,593), Odisha (1,876), and Puducherry (481).

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Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 23,29,638 COVID-19 cases, 46,091 deaths

Till 8 am on Wednesday, the Union Health Ministry had confirmed 23,29,638 COVID-19 cases, including 46,091 deaths, 6,43,948 active cases, and 16,39,599 recoveries.

According to data compiled from official state and union territory government statistics, India has reported 23,95,376 cases and 47,147 deaths (including co-morbid fatalities).

Meanwhile, the number of recoveries also reached 16.95 lakh.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Wednesday

Maharashtra: 5,48,313 total cases, 18,650 deaths, 3,81,843 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 3,14,520 total cases, 5,278 deaths, 2,56,313 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 2,54,146 total cases, 2,296 deaths, 1,61,425 recoveries.

Karnataka: 1,96,494 total cases, 3,510 deaths, 1,12,633 recoveries.

Delhi: 1,48,504 total cases, 4,153 deaths, 1,33,405 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 1,36,238 total cases, 2,230 deaths, 84,661 recoveries.

West Bengal: 1,04,326 total cases, 2,203 deaths, 76,120 recoveries.

Biggest spikes: These states recorded their biggest spikes

Karnataka reported 7,883 new cases, the biggest single-day spike yet.

Odisha reported 1,876 new cases, the biggest spike yet, bringing the total to 50,672, including 36,479 recoveries. The death toll is 305 (excluding 53 non-COVID deaths).

A record spike of 481 cases brought Puducherry's total to 6,381. The UT has reported 96 deaths while 3,676 patients have recovered.

Fact: Assam sees record spike as state ramps up testing

Assam saw a record spike of 4,593 cases as the state ramped up testing. 1,43,109 tests were conducted in the state on Wednesday, the most in a single day. The total number of cases has reached 68,999, with 161 deaths and 47,209 recoveries.

Key updates: Over 12,000 new cases in Maharashtra; Bihar's tally crosses 90,000

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu saw massive spikes of 12,712, 9,597, and 5,871 cases respectively.

The bad streak in West Bengal continued as the state reported 2,936 new cases.

3,741 new cases pushed Bihar's tally past 90,000. The total reached 90,553 with 474 deaths and 60,068 recoveries.

Punjab reported 1,020 new cases, bringing the total to 26,909, with 675 deaths and 17,212 recoveries.

Fact: Goa's tally nears 10,000; 1,213 new cases in Rajasthan

Rajasthan reported 1,213 new cases, bringing the total to 56,100. 822 patients have died in the state while 41,648 have recovered. A spike of 480 new cases brought Goa's total to 9,924 with 89 deaths and 6,641 recoveries. Delhi registered 1,113 new cases.