Coronavirus: India's tally crosses 84 lakh; over 1.25 lakh dead

Siddhant Pandey
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Coronavirus: India
Coronavirus: India

06 Nov 2020: Coronavirus: India's tally crosses 84 lakh; over 1.25 lakh dead

India on Thursday reported over 47,000 new coronavirus infections, bringing the nationwide tally past the 84 lakh mark.

With over 600 fresh fatalities in the past 24 hours, the death toll also crossed 1.25 lakh.

While the outbreak has slowed or plateaued in most states, Delhi, Haryana, and Kerala have seen a rise in infections.

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Statistics: Health Ministry confirms 83,64,086 COVID-19 cases, 1,24,315 deaths

Till 8 am on Thursday, the Union Health Ministry had confirmed 83,64,086 COVID-19 cases, including 1,24,315 deaths, 5,27,962 active cases, and 77,11,809 recoveries.

According to data compiled from official state and union territory government statistics, India has reported 84,11,033 cases and 1,25,047 deaths (including co-morbid fatalities).

Meanwhile, the total number of recoveries has reached 77.4 lakh.

Worst-hit: How India's worst-hit states fared on Thursday

Maharashtra: 17,03,444 total cases, 44,804 deaths, 15,51,282 recoveries.

Karnataka: 8,38,929 total cases, 11,312 deaths, 7,94,503 recoveries.

Andhra Pradesh: 8,35,953 total cases, 6,757 deaths, 8,07,318 recoveries.

Tamil Nadu: 7,36,777 total cases, 11,272 deaths, 7,06,444 recoveries.

Uttar Pradesh: 4,91,354 total cases, 7,131 deaths, 4,61,073 recoveries.

Kerala: 4,66,466 total cases, 1,613 deaths, 3,80,650 recoveries.

Delhi: 4,16,653 total cases, 6,769 deaths, 3,71,155 recoveries.

Key updates: Delhi and Kerala report over 6,000 new cases

Delhi reported over 6,000 new COVID-19 cases for the third consecutive day. 6,715 more people tested positive in the national capital.

Kerala also reported a huge spike of 6,820 new cases.

West Bengal saw a massive spike of 3,948 fresh cases, pushing the state's tally to 3,93,524. 7,122 patients have died in the state so far while 3,50,449 patients have recovered.

Key updates: 2,000+ new cases in Haryana; Manipur's tally nears 20k

Haryana reported over 2,000 new cases for the first time in over a month. 2,064 new cases pushed the state's tally to 1,76,146 cases, which includes 1,859 deaths and 1,59,643 recoveries.

Manipur reported 222 new cases. The tally has reached 19,725 cases, including 189 deaths and 15,750 recoveries.

Maharashtra, Karnataka Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh reported 5,246, 3,156, 2,348, and 1,879 new cases respectively.