Coronavirus: FIR filed against ceasefire company owner for negligence, says GautamBuddha Nagar DM

While speaking to ANI in Uttar Pradesh's Noida on March 29, the District Magistrate of GautamBuddha Nagar, BN Singh spoke on coronavirus. He said, "The owner and other members of Noida's ceasefire company came back from some foreign country couple of days back but they didn't informed us and laterwards the owner was identified as coronavirus positive. They must have informed us and put himself in quarantine facility but unfortunately he failed to do so." "As per the rule we are filing FIR against the ceasefire company," DM added. As per the information, instructions were given that in GautamBuddha Nagar district, salaries under certain circumstances must be paid to the labourers or employees during the coronavirus lockdown. Else law will take its own course under the National Disaster Management Act 2005. COVID-19 positive persons or possibly infected persons who are in isolation will be given 28-day paid leave, after they produce medical certificates. Those employed at shops, factories and other units closed due to lockdown will also be paid.