Coronavirus: How Dia Mirza is helping the elderly in her society during the lockdown

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Know how Dia Mirza is helping the elderly. 9Source: File Photo)

Among the many Bollywood actors who post Instagram stories and talk about sustainable living, Dia Mirza makes the cut. She is someone who is often at the forefront of most environmental initiatives — whether it is about speaking up for the need for waste management, or pollution and sustainable living. And now, with the world facing a grave health crisis, the actor is helping the elderly in her society complex to make things smoother for them.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO)’s myth-buster guidelines, older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill due to the virus. In India, as cases increase, a common thread that is fast emerging is how pre-existing medical conditions can worsen the virus attack, especially in the older population.

Considering the current scenario, when the country is under 21 days of lockdown, the actor in her latest Instagram post talks about measures that she has been taking for all the elderly members of her society. As a member of the society’s managing committee for over eight years, she says that with 80 per cent of the residents being senior citizens there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

"Most of them are single with their children living overseas. They are all above the age of 75. But they are independent, strong, resilient. Before this lockdown, many of them would self-drive, many of them continued to engage and help with accounts, management of the co-op, cook, clean, work, exercise... They are our neighbours, our friends. Our personal heroes. Now is the time to help them get what they need - essentials. The things they would walk across to pick up, or drive to buy. Now they must not. Because they are most susceptible and vulnerable to Covid19", she said in her post.

The actor wrote that she and other members arranged for a vegetable vendor and fruit seller to visit their co-op twice a week as most online providers have stopped functioning. She added that the members also personally wipe down all common areas of touch with alcohol disinfectants. They even take turns to manage domestic waste and compost all kitchen waste, she informed. They also take turns to water their garden. "Maharashtra state alone has 1.25 crore, senior citizens. Find one you can help. Also, do let me know if you would like for me to share the health protocols we’ve put in place for our co-operative housing society", she wrote.