Coronavirus: 'We can't wait until November' - Orlando Pirates' Mbele wants PSL return

Orlando Pirates administrative officer Floyd Mbele is against the suspension of football in South Africa amidst the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown the country finds itself in currently.  

According to Mbele, South Africa should understand that football is a business like any other, saying the Bundesliga is going ahead with the resumption of their season because they see things differently.  

"In Germany, they see football as a business and here in South Africa, we treat it as social or part-time [activity]. We don’t understand that there’s money involved in this business. The sooner we think that football is like any other business, the better,"  Mbele told IOL.

Mbele questioned the operation of certain stores in the country, saying there are also risks involved just like in football although as thing stand, the government, as well as the PSL, haven't decided on will happen next regarding the 2019-20 season.   

"How is football different from running an Edgars store? You’ve got customers and you are selling a product," he said.

"Customers can go to Gateway Mall [in Umhlanga] and they are trading. There’s also a risk at these stores.

"You go there and you try and see if something you want to buy fits you, and if it doesn’t you leave it and another person comes and touches that product."

The veteran Bucs administrator further stated that while some other African leagues can afford to wait longer to decide what to do with the current season, South Africa, especially the PSL, is in no position to do that because there are sponsors involved.

"People need football to survive. If the government was giving us money like other African countries where football is run through the government and there were no sponsors, all of us can manage to wait until November but we can’t," he concluded.  

The PSL met with Minister of Health Dr. Zweli Mkhize last week but it's unclear if the two parties are making progress in finding common ground on the matter. 

Another meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12 where the football fraternity will be expecting feedback afterwards.