Corey Parshall and Parshall Tree Care Experts: Revolutionizing the Tree Service Business

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Corey Parshall is the founder of Parshall Tree Care Experts, a full-service tree company offering reinvented solutions to outperform and challenge the industry. They deliver services to residential, commercial, municipal, and utility clients in Michigan. With a desire to break stereotypes and bring the tree service industry into the 21st century, Corey designed a business with unparalleled service.

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Entering the market, Corey saw opportunity in the outdated practices that ensnare other companies. He understood the pitfalls in the tree service industry and decided to do his part to change it. He saw under-serviced clients and poor service in general. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, he started his own company to address these problems. Leveraging changes in technology, Parshall Tree Care aims to challenge themselves with creative ways of thinking, always looking to push the industry further.

Corey’s biggest challenges are the unknowns. In the early stages of running his business he experienced a lot of trial and error, discovering this was the most expensive way to learn and grow. Rather than bleeding money, Corey started investing in resources to grow his team instead. He found mentors that could help with problem-solving and educate the team. Before he knew it he had a clear roadmap that prevented him from constantly having to relearn everything.

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With a mind focused on the positive, Corey believes your goals are within reach. A negative outlook can erode your confidence in taking calculated risks, while a positive outlook brings opportunity. Corey has noticed that when he keeps a positive mindset relationships line up, doors open, and he is generally luckier as an entrepreneur. By overcoming his biggest obstacle of thinking small, he found great success by intentionally setting unobtainable goals just to see what he and his team can achieve. Corey pays attention to fears that creep up when goal-setting. To him, fear is a communicator that action is needed to reach the desired opportunity.

For anyone interested in starting their own business, Corey recommends setting outrageous goals. He recommends anything considered to be a “good goal” should be multiplied by 1000 because you will probably underestimate rather than overestimate. Low expectations lead to boredom and if your business is boring you’re more likely to give up. Once you have a plan set, Corey suggests finding mentors, even if you have to pay for them. Learning from the experience of others saves you time and money in the long run.

Success, to Corey, is building a team that includes his family. In doing so, they find freedom from being tied down by that which is out of their control. He finds financial freedom knowing he and his family enjoy a better quality of life, and he has a legacy to share with generations to come. He loves sharing his success with his team as they experience the same freedom. At the end of the day, Corey’s dream is to see the entire tree service industry revolutionized—that they can leave a generational impact and improve an outdated industry.

Corey is so grateful to his staff for everything they do to help carry out the company’s mission, and to his clients who trust him to provide his service. He knows he can’t make a difference in the tree industry without either piece missing. This company isn’t about Corey Parshall, but the Parshall Tree Care Experts revolution. Parshall Tree TV, a free educational platform, is the latest division of the company. Parshall Tree Care Experts also have plans to grow their new offices in Ohio and Indiana, then expand toward the eastern US to Florida. But Corey’s ultimate goal is to be known as the industry leader in the tree service community.