Converge Biotech Announces Collaboration With OncoDNA to Personalize Cancer Care in India

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India– Business Wire India Converge Biotech, a leading healthcare organization based in Hyderabad, has announced today that it has entered into a long-term strategic alliance with OncoDNA, a Belgium-based theranostic and genomic company specializing in precision oncology, to personalize care for late stage cancer patients across India. OncoDNA’s solutions are designed to guide oncologists in the selection of the most appropriate treatments based on the specific tumor profile of a patient.

With the aim of improving the clinical outcomes of patients living with advanced solid tumors such as breast or lung cancers, Converge Biotech will provide physicians and healthcare providers across India with OncoDNA’s portfolio of comprehensive diagnostic solutions that include: • OncoDEEP: Comprehensive biomarker test combining DNA, RNA and protein analyses on a tumortissue • OncoSTRAT&GO: Unique biomarker test combining analysis on liquid and solid biopsies • OncoSELECT: Smart cancer-specific profiling solution analyzingctDNA in a liquid biopsy • OncoFOLLOW: Personalized liquid biopsy for patient monitoring Briefing about the alliance, Arun Kumar Bijjala, Managing Director of Converge Biotech Pvt Ltd said, “Ever since its inception, Converge has embraced products and technologies that ensure better treatment outcomes in chronic illnesses, and made conscious efforts to make these accessible to clinicians and patients with ease. Our foray into specialized diagnostic services in the oncology domain extends our vision of enabling medical community to make informed decisions and ensure better treatment outcomes. With this, we expect to bring in a ray of hope to a large number of cancer-affected patients in India, whose treatment outcomes can be enhanced in light of accurate diagnosis.” Corina Cucuruzac, Head of Global Distribution of OncoDNA stated, “Giving oncologists access to cancer biomarker testing is key to improve the treatment journey of patients living with cancer. To date, OncoDNA’s solutions have helped more than 20,000 patients worldwide. We are delighted to have found in Converge Biotech a trusted partner to support together the adoption of precision medicine for the benefit of cancer patients in India.” About Converge Biotech Converge Biotech is a leading healthcare company based at Hyderabad, having a nationwide presence. It has a strong foothold in the cardio-diabetic and critical care segment, with focus on providing high quality and affordable generic drugs to the patients. Converge Biotech aspires to become the CHANGE agent in the healthcare industry by providing breakthrough treatments through focus on quality, innovation and affordability. All products offered by the company are produced in WHO GMP certified facilities and are audited by dedicated quality and pharmacovigilance team to ensure compliance to stringent quality measures. For more information on Converge Biotech, visit LinkedIn: PWR PWR