Contingency risk buffer at 5.50% | RBI Board Meeting | Inside Details

[3:19 PM, 5/21/2021] Samridhi Tiwari: TIMES NOW brings to you the inside details of the RBI Board Meeting. The board has approved the transfer of Rs. 99,122 crores as surplus to the central government for the accounting period of nine months ending in March 2021. TIMES NOW’s Hina Gambhir joins in to explain the further details in the case. This has come in as a huge relief for the centre which is already in need of more funds because the second wave of Coronavirus has disrupted the human life and will have a significant effect impact on human life along with the economy. Close to 2 lakh cases are being reported on a daily basis, and it has been an unprecedented time since then. The board has approved a surplus transfer of close 1 lakh crore to the government. Watch the video to know more!

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