Construction company owner's son chooses farming as profession, setting example for youth

Madurai (TN), Dec 29 (ANI): Son of a successful construction company owner doing organic farming with his wife is setting an example for other youth who rather following their dreams join their parents businesses. Amarnath is a son of successful construction company owner Anjaiah. Rather than joining his father's business, he has chosen organic farming. Amarnath and his wife are doing organic farming and without using any chemical fertilizers, they use cow dung as manures. Amarnath has 300 acres of land where he does cultivation. He is producing his own manure for his crops from 60-70 cows which he bought for especially producing manures. Amarnath advices farmers to know the seasonal crops and put the crop seed accordingly so that there won't be loss due to natural calamities. The husband wife duo cultivates many exotic fruits, seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc. Amarnath is a role model for today's generation who chase corporate companies.