Constitution in hand, Waris Pathan in heart: Sambit Patra slams 'so-called liberals'

New Delhi [India], Feb 21 (ANI): Amid controversy over AIMIM leader Waris Pathan's communal '15 crore to dominate 100 crore' threat, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Friday questioned the silence of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, among others and said that all these "so-called liberals" have been unmasked as they carry the Constitution in their hands and have Waris Pathan in their hearts.

"If a BJP leader would have given a statement like this then today all so-called liberals would have come out on the streets. Not even a single one is coming out today and asking questions. Where is Rahul Gandhi? Where is Priyanka ji?" Patra said in a press conference while referring to the "hate speeches" by All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen's Asaduddin Owaisi, his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi and party leader Waris Pathan.

He added, "Koe nazar nahi aa raha hai... Kyunki ye sab mukhota pehenke ghum rahe hai. Aur mein spashthta ke saath keh du, samman ke saath kehdu, ye saare log 'Haath me samvidhan, dil me Waris Pathan'. (Nobody can be seen because they all are hiding behind masks. And I want to say it clear and with respect, these people carry Constitution in their hands and have Waris Pathan in their hearts)."

While addressing an anti-CAA rally on Wednesday, Pathan had said, "The time has now come for us to unite and achieve freedom. Remember we are 15 crore but can dominate over 100 crores."

"They tell us that we have kept our women in the front - only the lionesses have come out and you are already sweating. You can understand what would happen if all of us come together," Pathan said.

BJP spokesperson also went on to talk about the girl -- Amulya -- who raised 'Pakistan zindabad' slogan at an anti-CAA rally organised by AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi.

"Owaisi snatched the mic away from the girl who shouted pro-Pakistan slogans, but when Waris Pathan spewed venom for 15 minutes why didn't he snatched mic from him? Owaisi was present on stage," Patra questioned the double standards adopted by the Owaisi.

He questioned why they are "intimidating people and instigating violence in the country."

"I feel afraid today because of the fact that I am reminded of a date, August 16, 1946, when the Muslim League in the undivided India had given a call of Direct Action Day. The Muslim League wanted a separate Pakistan and they wanted the Muslims of the country to show their strength," Patra said.

"And yet again today we have Mr Owaisi and his party almost akin to Muslim League, giving out a call of something like Direct Action Day," he added.

In context with the protest in Shaheen Bagh, Patra said, "You have used the ladies of Shaheen Bagh just as a shield to further your cause of hatred, to further your cause of wrong and false propagation."

Talking about the order of Congress government in Madhya Pradesh to health workers in the state to bring atleast one man for sterilisation or face a penalty, Patra said, "This is almost akin to what we had seen during the days of Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, when she was the Prime Minister. We had seen as to how forced sterilisation of thousands of men had been done then. Ironically, the Congress party talks of Nazism and Emergency today while their own states have almost forced a state of Emergency upon the people of India and specially the people of Madhya Pradesh." (ANI)