Conor McGregor Wants to Buy Manchester United; Here's How Much His Net Worth is

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor expressed his desire to buy Premier League giants Manchester United amid the chaos surrounding the ‘breakaway’ European Super League.

On Wednesday, McGregor created a stir on social media with a tweet, asking his fans about their opinion on whether he should buy Man United or not.

McGregor’s post came in the wake of the storm created by the news of six English Premier League clubs, including the Red Devils, joining the proposed European Super League. However, after the backlash from fans, all six Premier League clubs have withdrawn their name from the league.

The move to form a breakaway league from UEFA Champions League was also heavily criticized by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and FIFA.

In the wake of chaos, Manchester United chairman Ed Woodward also stepped down from his position earlier in the day, prompting McGregor, the forever opportunist, to express his desire to purchase the club.

The former UFC Featherweight and Championship is counted among one of the biggest stars in the history of MMA. McGregor is also among the most popular athletes in the world and the 32-year-old has put his popularity to good. McGregor ventured into the whisky business in 2018 and within one year ‘Proper No.12’ pushed the sale of whiskey to $1 billion in the United States.

He is also planning to launch his own coffee brand. So it would not be surprising if the Irishman would decide to invest in the ever-growing business of football.

According to a report published in Talksport, McGregor is worth approximately £100 million. And going by his net worth, he cannot afford to buy Manchester United. However, he can look to partner with a second party, if he is serious about owning the Red Devils.

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