Conor McGregor and Olympic boxer Michael Conlan confident fight with Floyd Mayweather will happen

Bryan Rodrigues
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Talks of a potential super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been intensifying recently after Mayweather said he was officially out of retirement just to fight the UFC star. Recent reports say that the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas has also been reserved for June 10, hinting that the fight will be happening.

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However, despite all these talks, McGregor will have to get the approval of the UFC first before he gets into any sort of agreement to fight Mayweather as he is still under contract with them. The UFC lightweight champion has not made any comments since Mayweather said he was out of retirement or since news about the T-Mobile Arena being booked came out.

While McGregor has remained silent, his close friend and 2012 Olympic bronze medallist in boxing Michael Conlan said that he spoke to McGregor while the two of them were training in LA and said he was confident that the fight will happen and so was Conlan. He also mentioned that McGregor seemed confident that the contract issue with the UFC will be worked out so that his fight with Mayweather can move forward.

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"I was doing some strength and conditioning, and Conor was out here having talks with the Mayweather team about their possible fight. He came to LA to do some training. He ended up in the gym so it was good to catch up with him. I watched him do some training and he looked great," Conlan told Dublin Live.

"He looked in shape and he is confident the fight is going to be made. I think it will happen, and I am delighted for him. It is a massive fight, and I hope it happens. I won't speak on who will win, or if Conor can pose Mayweather problems. I don't want to get involved in that debate."

"But Conor believes 100 percent in his ability, and he believes 100 percent in himself. He isn't doing it just for the money. He is doing it to win the fight. He can't see himself losing. You can't write someone off who 100 per cent believes in himself. When you have that belief, things happen."

Conlan is set to make his professional boxing debut this Friday at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden where he will take on Tim Ibarra in a six-round bout. The interesting thing about Conlan's debut bout is that McGregor will be walking him into the ring giving another hint that the mega money fight with Mayweather will happen.

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