Congressmen Afraid Of BJP Should Be Shown Exit Door, Don't Need Those Who Believe In RSS Ideology: Rahul Gandhi

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Addressing over 3,500 Congress party's social media volunteers from across the country, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday (16 July) urged them to be fearless.

"There are many fearless people, who are not in Congress. They should be brought in and the Congressmen who are afraid of BJP should be shown the exit door. We don't need those who believe in RSS ideology. We need fearless people," Rahul Gandhi said.

Rohan Gupta, who heads Congress's social media department, told Hindustan Times that Rahul Gandhi was obvious that volunteers should stick to the Gandhian ideology of the party.

Accusing the government of curbing the voice of mainstream media, Rahul Gandhi asked the party's social media volunteers to involve more people so that the government cannot do anything to restrain them.

"Gandhi was also very concerned about the well-being of the social media team and their families. Gandhi said that such meetings between him and social media volunteers should happen once every month or two," Vinay Kumar Dokonia, the national co-coordinator of the party's social media wing, said.

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