Congress steps up attack on AAP; Calls them out for leniency on alcohol shops

Delhi Congress Chief Anil Chaudhary has tweeted accusing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal of going soft on booze shops. He says that amid the pandemic the Delhi government has been casual in its approach to the rising health infrastructural needs. With the availability of beds and other equipment at the brink, the government should have paid more attention to solutions for containing the spread and not gone lenient on the Alcohol stores as a crowd always remains a crown and can cause spread. He questions that despite weekend lockdowns and other containment strategies why is there an exception for booze for mere profits over people's lives while restrictions are being imposed. He goes on to suggest that the AAP government could go easy on advertising and expenditure on their expenditure on image building for a while instead to compensate the economic drawbacks instead of selling alcohol in an attempt to balance the economic conditions.