Congress Should Send Buses to Punjab to Transport Migrants Home Instead of UP: Mayawati

BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday advised the Congress party to send a fleet of buses to Punjab and Chandigarh instead of Uttar Pradesh for ferrying migrant workers home as it would avert any risks of them crossing Yamuna river.

In a series of tweets, Mayawati said, "It is evident that owing to the continuous negligence of the migrant labourers in the BJP-ruled states, they are falling prey to accidents and have suffered painful deaths, which is very sad."

She added that the Congress leaders should also learn a lesson from these incidents as a number of migrant labourers from UP staying in Punjab and Chandigarh are returning home through Yamuna river due to "negligence" shown by the governments there and can lead to mishaps anytime.

"In this situation, instead of sending its 1,000 buses to UP, it would be better if the Congress sends the buses to Punjab and Chandigarh. The affected migrants could reach UP safely by road instead of risking their lives trying to cross Yamuna river," Mayawati said in another tweet.

She also tweeted, "If the Congress leaders while meeting the migrant labourers in Delhi could have given them some financial help and food, then they could have got some help. In other words, the Congress could have shared their pain and also lent them help like the BSP had done.