Congress sees larger conspiracy of someone in power in Davinder's role

New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday suspected a bigger conspiracy behind the role of J&K DSP Davinder Singh arrest last Saturday in Kashmir while escorting two terrorists and their aide to Delhi, just for Rs12 lakh, for a possible attack at the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala asked whether Davinder has any connection with a person sitting on the post who has all the information on the country's security.

That person can be the "sutradhar" (anchor) of the conspiracy as the DSP may not be acting on his own but a small pawn since it is really a very big conspiracy, he said. Suspicion of Davinder acting on behalf of someone emerges from the fact that he were also named in the 2011 Parliament attack and he was also deputy SP in Pulwama at the time of the RDX blast on an Army convoy killing 42 jawans, Surjewala said.

Dots in all three cases, including the foiled attempt of attack on this year's Republic Day, be joined to bring out the truth, he said. The suspicion emerges from the fact same Davinder Singh was given the responsibility of security of the envoys taken to Srinagar last week and he is nabbed later while escorting three terrorists to Delhi for the attack, Surjewala said.

Asking Home Minister Amit Shah as well as PM Modi to give a statement after a proper investigation, he said Davinder may have links with a person or a group in the administration in Delhi and J&K who were conspiring against India while sitting in power. Or, maybe he was acting on behalf of someone in Pakistan and escaped suspicion all these years because of the post he held in J&K police as head of its crack commando force. He said there should be a thorough probe to find out whether Davinder was just a pawn or himself the perpetrator of the conspiracy unfolded by the J&K police not knowing purpose of his mission to Delhi. Such terror operations are kept secret and maybe the J&K police had no clue when they stopped the car in which the terrorists were being escorted. Though Davinder has been suspended on Tuesday, the Congress leaders fear he may be helped by those in power at the Centre if he were carrying out their orders to create a sensation in the Republic Day parade.

Surjewala said same Davinder Singh was the Deputy SP in Pulwama at the time of the terror attack killing 42 jawans in a convoy and it deserved a high-level probe into his role in the Pulwama attack as to whether he were acting at the instance of someone higher-ups in the government. "We asked many times how the RDX for the Pulwama blast could reach the convoy despite so much security.

We asked how the car carrying the RDX could reach near the convoy but there were no answers. Doubts have been raised about Davinder's role also in the 2001 Parliament attack as convict Afzal Guru, hanged in February 2013, had named him as the mastermind. If so, on whose behalf or he were acting on his own to help five Pakistani terrorists slain in the failed attack in reaching Delhi," Surjewala added.

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