Congress opposes funds to Kumbh but funds madrassas in Rajasthan; Dharma duplicity?

Rajasthan's Congress Party's hypocrisy is now out in the open, on one hand, one of the Congress leaders want that Kumbh fund should be stopped and the money spent had no absolute reason, on the other Rajasthan government is funding Madrassas. As per the Ashok Gehlot government, there was funding finalised by the Rajasthan government in the 2019-2020 budget. The opposition is opposing the funds to Kumbh, but it is funding the Madrassa Upgradation Yojana. As per the funding, the primary madrassa will be provided with Rs. 15 lakh,s and upper primary Madrassas will be provided with Rs. 25 lakhs. The money will be given for infrastructural development. Ashok Gehlot talked about the achievements of the governments and the program was added to it.