Congress manages to get its Speaker and deputy Assembly Speaker elected in MP

Vinod Kumar Shukla

New Delhi, Jan 11: Going against the convention as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has fielded candidate for Assembly Speaker, the Congress has managed to win deputy speaker's election in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly with voice vote. Hina Kawre got elected as deputy speaker of state Assembly.

The BJP members have expressed their sharp reaction against it and they shouted slogan in well for over one and half hour. They shouted slogan for very long there but not to avail. The working of Assembly got affected due to sloganeering and Assembly was adjourned thrice.

Amid chaos, Assembly speaker Narmada Prasad Prajapati took up the proposal of Panchi Lal Medha which was approved by voice vote and Hina Kawre was elected deputy speaker with voice vote. Assembly speaker of the Congress was also elected amid chaos in the Assembly.

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The moment issue of election of deputy speaker came up, leader of opposition Gopal Bhargava said that all information regarding election of deputy speaker must be read. Assembly speaker said that the main proposal had the name of Jagdish Devda and also in the day plan which in itself is complete. He asked Panchi Lal Medha to read out the proposal. Medha proposed appointing Hina Kawre as deputy speaker which was supported by parliamentary affairs minister Govind Singh.

But the moment Speaker announced that proposal is complete former Assembly speaker Sita Saran Sharma got up to say that this is against the rule. But when Speakers ignored Sharma's objection and moved on then leader of opposition asked that he should be heard but Speaker had said that process had moved on. Speaker said that he will hear the matter after the process is complete. Sharma raised point of order but he was not allowed for it also.

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Leader of opposition Bhargava and former chief minister of MP Shivraj Singh Chouhan got agitated many a times and said that this will not do. Partiality is being done. They accused that Speaker was not behaving like a Speaker which was responded by public works department Sajjan Verma by saying that if they were behaving like senior leader and former chief minister.

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