Congress leaders submit memoranda for universal free vaccination against COVID-19

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New Delhi [India], June 4 (ANI): Congress leaders in states on Friday submitted memorandum to the Governors saying that people should be given free vaccination against COVID-19.

The memoranda were submitted to Governors by Congress legislative Party leaders and state unit chiefs. The party also held press conferences.

An AICC release said that Pradesh Committees and DCC Presidents also submitted memoranda to district magistrates.

The petitions were made on a day Congress government in Punjab withdrew an order providing "one-time limited vaccine doses to 18-44 age group population through private hospitals" following a furore.

The Congress release said that states are seeking pending GST compensation from the Centre to buy vaccines.

"As the country copes to deal with the scars left behind by the now hopefully receding second wave of Corona, the people are picking up threads of their lives and are doing everything to stand up against further devastation, the main hurdle in this exercise is proving to be the insufficient supply and varying prices of vaccines," the release said.

The states are left totally at the mercy of an unreliable Centre because foreign suppliers are refusing to engage directly and domestic suppliers do not have enough production to meet their demands. They are begging from Prime Minister to release the GST compensation due to them so that they can buy vaccines for those between 18-44, in order to stop the onset of third wave," it added.

It said that Congress President Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, party leader Rahul Gandhi as also the opposition leaders in their joint statement on many occasions have tried to draw the attention of the government towards the need for universal free vaccination.

"In this regard Indian National Congress today June 4, 2021, ran a campaign, wherein CLP Leaders and PCC Presidents submitted a memorandum to the Governor in their respective states urging Universal Free Vaccination for all, which was followed by a press conference," the release said.

The memoranda, addressed to the President Ram Nath Kovind, said vaccination is the only protection in the midst of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. "Modi Government's vaccination strategy has been a dangerous cocktail of blunders and bloopers. The need of the hour is that BJP government should procure the vaccine and supply for free to the states and private hospitals for vaccinating the people of India. Anything less is a huge disservice to India and its people," the memorandum said.

The party said the memorandum addressed to the President and submitted to district magistrates said there was need to vaccinate our entire adult population of above 18 years on or before December 31 this year.

"This is the only way to save our people. For this, the only solution is to vaccinate at least one crore people a day and not the current average of 16 lakh people a day. We, therefore, urge upon your goodself to direct the Modi government to ensure one crore vaccination per day as also universal free vaccination. This is the only way to fight Covid-19 pandemic and defeat the diseas," the memorandum said.

Congress Social Media Department also ran an online campaign on June 2 in support of universal free vaccination, the release said. (ANI)

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