Congress leader Kamal Nath's cousin, sister-in-law murdered in Greater Noida

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Congress leader Kamal Nath
Congress leader Kamal Nath

06 Feb 2021: Congress leader Kamal Nath's cousin, sister-in-law murdered in Greater Noida

On Friday, a distant cousin of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Kamal Nath was found murdered inside his home in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The deceased, Narendra Nath, was 70 years old.

His wife, Suman, 65, was also killed.

The prime suspects, in this case, are the guests whom the couple hosted that day, said the police.

Here's what happened.

Couple: Couple stayed in three-leveled house, Narendra gave people money

The couple lived in their three-leveled house in Alpha II. While Narendra had a spare parts business in Delhi, Suman was a yoga practitioner.

Narendra was also known for lending money to local vendors and met plumbers, electricians, and masons in the basement of his house. Suman, allegedly, disapproved of this behavior.

She had raised an objection on the day of the murders as well.

Details: Suman didn't like the guests her husband entertained

Suman spoke to her daughter and son-in-law, Jatin Thankappan, over the phone around 10:55 pm on Thursday, and complained about the guests her husband was entertaining, reports TOI.

She told Jatin, "A party is underway on the lower floor of the house where the guests are drinking and eating although I had asked them against doing it."

Jatin advised her to sleep.

Series of events: After Suman didn't answer phone, son-in-law went to the house

The son-in-law then called Suman around 5:15 am but she didn't answer. Worried, he then rushed to the Alpha II house, only to find his mother-in-law's body lying on the floor, under a quilt.

"Blood had oozed from her body and she had injuries on the head and chest," he told the daily.

Later, Narendra's body was found in the basement.

Injuries: Injuries revealed Narendra was gagged, Suman was shot

The injuries disclosed that the husband and wife were brutally attacked. While Narendra could have been gagged and strangled, Suman was shot in the chest after being thrashed.

"His hands and legs were tied and his mouth had tape on it. His face was blackened. There was a head injury too," Jatin said about his father-in-law.

Police believe Narendra was killed first.

Behavior: Narendra gave people money to buy alcohol

Separately, the couple's son Rohit, who lives in a society in Greater Noida, apprised police that his father loaned money and people frequently visited the Alpha II house.

Additional DCP (Greater Noida) Vishal Pandey said Narendra gave people money to buy liquor "which they consumed together in the basement."

"It seems it was someone who he knew that orchestrated the crime," he added.

Suspicion: Family members believe guests murdered the couple: Senior cop

Meanwhile, Greater Noida Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Kumar Singh said bereaved family members have pointed fingers toward the guests.

"Prima facie, it appears that some people had been invited over to the house for a party where they had consumed liquor. Glasses, liquor bottles, food items such as chowmein and momos, and cigarette stubs have been found from the house," he told PTI.

Fact: 'Suspects were known to the couple'

"Initial probe suggests no signs of struggle during the entry of the unidentified suspects. It appears the door of the house was opened by the couple and suspects, known to them, had a normal entry," he said, assuring that case would be solved soon.