Congress leader K Sudhakaran’s campaign video claims educating women is a waste

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Elections are a time when political parties go all out to woo voters. There are rallies, speeches, roadshows and campaign videos. However, when Congress-led UDF candidate from Kerala’s Kannur K Sudhakaran went along those lines, one expected things to go on expected lines.

However, far from wooing the voters, his campaign video ended up offending many. It s 2019, when women are competing with men in all fields, even beating them in many. The Congress leader’s campaign video, however, appeared to convey exactly the opposite.

Watch facebook video here


The short video, designed as a satire, revolves around a discussion between a daughter and son demanding a share in property from the father who then discusses the issue with his friend. The son then enters the frame complaining that his sister failed to get things done and stomps away in anger.

The father then tells his friend that his daughter could not complete the task as she was incapable of understanding the matter. He then comments, It was a waste educating her and making her a teacher!”.

The friend, seeming to share K Sudhakaran’s views on women, suggests that the father should have sent the son in her place.

“He is a man. If he goes, he will only come back after achieving his goal,” he says. The ad ends with the daughter smiling at this conversation.

The video, which can best be deemed as a failed attempt at satire, was actually aimed at taking a swipe at the LDF Kannur candidate and Kannur MP PK Sreemathi ‘teacher’.

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The disclaimer cheekily says that there’s no relation of the characters in the video to any person dead or alive or anyone who has made speeches in parliament. However, the disclaimer fails to take away from what the video says.

As the video went viral on social media for the wrong reasons, netizens have called out the blatant sexism on Monday evening.

This is not the first time Sudhakaran has expressed such sexist views.

He has been known to say that the Kerala CM is “worse than a woman” and once had called the minor in the infamous Suryanelli trafficking case a “prostitute”.