'Congress can do...': Farmer leader reacts to 'send liquor' call by Vidya Rani

Controversy erupted over Congress leader Vidya Rani’s appeal to 'help' farmers. Rani said cash, food, and even liquor should be sent to protestors. Rani said that the congress needs to drive the farmers' protest. “This agitation could've ended on the 26th. But somehow, since farmers' intent was strong, the agitation was revived in a strong manner. Now, we have to drive the agitation. Farmers ensured there are no shortcomings (in agitation). They ensured provision of food, water etc. Every colleague should contribute as per their capacity - money, vegetables, ghee, liquor. People should help as per their capacity. This agitation should be expanded. This isn't about one farmer. This will impact us all.” Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait slammed the congress leader. Tikait said he's against liquor and no such activities takes place at the protest site. Watch the full video for more.