Congress dominates Rajasthan urban bodies

Jaipur: It is advantage Congress as the ruling party in Rajasthan emerges with better numbers in the counting for 49 urban civic bodies. Congress got clear majority in 20 bodies while BJP managed a clear mandate in just 6.

The results put Independents in advantage as they will be crucial to form boards in 23 municipal bodies. Polling had taken place on November 16.

Both parties have already holed up their candidates in safe’ places and are trying to woo the Independents.

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But if the trend in Rajasthan over the last two decades is a parameter to go by, it would definitely be advantage the ruling party Congress.

What makes the results striking is that Independents hold the key to almost half the boards. In five places Bharatpur, Pilani, Rupawas, Mahua and Kanod, Independents are more in number than BJP and Congress put together.

Chief minister Ashok Gehlot said in a tweet, “The results bring happiness. They reiterate our commitment towards providing a sensitive, accountable and transparent government and good governance. I express my gratitude towards all party workers and post holders and congratulate the winning candidates.”

Speaking to the media at Udaipur deputy chief minister and PCC president Sachin Pilot said, “It is a resounding win for the Congress, I congratulate all winning candidates, party workers and leaders who tirelessly worked in the elections.

I also thank the people of Rajasthan for their support. We are committed to work for you. The results have also broken the myth that urban areas are BJP strongholds.”

Out of the 2015 wards (in 49 municipal bodies) where voting took place Congress won on 961, BJP in 737 and Independents have won on 386. BSP managed to win in 16 and CPIM on 3 and others in 2.

It is also believed that the Congress government’s decision to make annual income the sole criteria to provide 10 per cent reservation to EWS proved advantageous for the party. In a major decision taken just ahead of the polls, it disregarded other provisions related to ownership and size of property.

Congress had formed a government in December 2018, but faced resounding defeat in Parliamentary polls held in May this year as NDA won on all 25 seats. The victory is sure to serve as a shot in the arm for the Congress government that will complete a year next month.

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