Congress-created toolkit calls new COVID-19 variant 'Modi strain,' alleges BJP

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Congress-created toolkit calls new COVID-19 variant
Congress-created toolkit calls new COVID-19 variant

18 May 2021: Congress-created toolkit calls new COVID-19 variant 'Modi strain,' alleges BJP

Hitting out at the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday shared what it claimed is a toolkit allegedly created by the opposition party to defame PM Narendra Modi.

Sharing Congress's alleged toolkit, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra claimed it instructs to call the new COVID-19 variant "Indian strain" or "Modi strain" to tarnish the image of India and PM Modi.

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Details: Patra attacks Rahul Gandhi for wanting to destroy Modi's image

Patra took to Twitter to share the alleged Congress toolkit and attacked the party's ex-President Rahul Gandhi for "wanting to use this opportunity of the pandemic to destroy the image of PM Modi."

Apart from Patra, many BJP leaders have tweeted the alleged toolkit, which has gone viral on social media. Reportedly, the document was first published by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-affiliated publication Organiser.

Tweets: Congress left no stone unturned to scar India's name: Patra

Patra also claimed that Congress has left no stone unturned "to scar the name of India with the help of foreign journalists."

Using the hashtag #CongressToolKitExposed in another tweet, he wrote, "Friends look at the #CongressToolKit in extending help to the needy during the Pandemic! More of a PR exercise with the help of 'Friendly Journalists' & 'Influencers' than a soulful endeavour (sic)."

Fact: Toolkit has instructions to fight PM Modi and BJP: Publication

"The toolkit has instructions to fight PM Modi and BJP at various fronts, even compromising the national security and targeting the nation's culture. An entire section is denoted for propaganda works against the union government's ambitious Central Vista Project," wrote Organiser in its report.

Fact: BJP National General Secretary BL Santosh tweets alleged Congress toolkit

The document: What exactly does the alleged Congress toolkit say?

The alleged toolkit instructs Congress's social media volunteers to compare the COVID-19 relief work done by Congress and its organizations and the lack of efforts by the government and BJP. It asks them to collaborate with "friendly journalists" to amplify such messages.

It asks leaders and volunteers to call the new COVID-19 variant "Indian strain," and suggests social media volunteers call it "Modi strain."

Kumbh v/s Eid: Toolkit allegedly asks workers to use term 'Super Spreader Kumbh'

The alleged Congress toolkit asks volunteers to use "dramatic pictures of funerals and dead bodies" and question PM Modi's "incompetence" via social media handles that "look like Modi or BJP supporters."

Moreover, it instructs to call Kumbh Mela as "Super Spreader Kumbh"—highlighting it as "show of political power in the name of religion"—but to portray Eid gatherings as "happy gatherings of families and communities."

Reaction: Congress denies allegations, says the toolkit is 'fake'

Denying the allegations leveled by the BJP, Congress called the toolkit "fake," and said it would take strict legal action against it.

"It is a fake document...we are filing an FIR as it is a case of forgery. The country is battling COVID-19 and the BJP is propagating fake news, this cannot be tolerated," Rohan Gupta, Chairman, Congress's Social Media Department, told ThePrint.

Congress leaders: BJP trying to hide failures by doing such things: Gupta

"They (BJP) are just trying to hide their failures by doing such things, so we will take a strict legal action against whoever is responsible," said Gupta.

Meanwhile, Rajeev Gowda, the Chairman of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) Research Department and National Spokesperson, tweeted the Congress would be registering a First Information Report (FIR) against Patra and BJP chief JP Nadda as well.

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