Congress continues to back Kamal Nath; Set to move court against EC decision

Congress party continues to back Kamal Nath, the Congress party is going to move court against the Election Commissions revocations of Kamal Nath’s status. The Congress party is very clear the offence for which the Election Commission is booking Kamal Nath does not hold importance and is only being done because BJP is rattled with the kind of clarity that Kamal Nath enjoys and they have decided that they are going to move court. They are drawing comparisons with the kind of statements made during the general elections.

As per the Congress party, Kamal Nath did not make derogatory statements and did not incite violence and that is the reason why Kamal Nath should be allowed to campaign. The interesting part is that Kamal Nath has been seen in the news for carrying out derogatory statements in regards to Imarti Devi.