Congress to celebrate Foundation day with idea of nationalism; to run innovative campaigns in India

Amid outcry over its leadership crisis, Congress party has got plans to push the restart button with a mega programme to celebrate the Congress' Foundation day around the idea of nationalism this year.

For its 136th Foundation day, Congress has its state and districts to hold innovative campaigns. In the Congress manifesto ahead of the 2019 elections, there was a clause where they mentioned that if they come to power, they are going to repeal the seditions law. Many leaders in the Congress party were of the opinion that was the sole reason why the Congress party had the final nail in the coffin even before the elections were contested. At a time when the country was reeling under hyper-nationalism post-Pulwama to come up with a suggestion like repealing the sedition law did not resonate well with Indians who feel strongly about their nation.

The Congress party has now come with innovative plans ahead of their foundation day celebration which is on the 28th of December. They have also decided to carry out Tiranga Yatra's at the block level, district level and PCC levels. 'Selfie with Tiranga' is also another campaign that Congress will be running ahead of the big day.