Congress calls "Movid To Covid," while the BJP calls it "ROVID", says BJP's Gaurav Bhatia

India's COVID Vaccination Drive: By the end of this year, the Modi government wants to vaccinate the entire adult population of India against COVID-19. However, vaccine apprehension and scarcity have slowed the vaccination campaign. Only 25.7 lakh people were vaccinated on Thursday, according to the most recent data. 'July Has Come, Where Is Covid Vaccine?' tweeted Rahul Gandhi. BJP's Gaurav Bhatia made a 'ROVID' remark against Rahul Gandhi during the press conference. "Congress Calls 'Movid To Covid,' We Can Call ROVID", he stated. He also brought up the widespread corruption that has been rife in Congress-controlled states. To know more, watch the full video!

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