Cong Misses ‘Shri’ Before President’s Name; Gets Flak, Deletes It

Social media neither forgets nor forgives. The post stays, even if ‘unavailable’ .On Tuesday morning, the President’s daughter called out the Indian National Congress on Twitter, over a tweet that had a 1985 photo of President Mukherjee and Rajiv Gandhi attached to it.

The tweet, however, did not add ‘Shri’ before President Mukherjee’s name, thus leading Sharmistha to put out a miffed response while quoting INC’s official tweet.

Screen grab of the deleted tweet. (Photo: Twitter/Amit Malviya)

Later, the tweet was deleted by INC, as is clear from Sharmistha’s profile.

(Photo: Twitter/ Sharmistha Mukherjee)