Cong, BJP spar in Rajasthan Assembly after minister's remarks on Golwalkar

Jaipur, Nov 28 (PTI) A reference to RSS ideologue M S Golwalkar and his 'Bunch of Thoughts' on Thursday triggered an uproar in the Rajasthan Assembly during a special session on the 70th year of the adoption of the Constitution.

Referring to Golwalkar's book 'Bunch of Thoughts', Rajasthan's Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal said it had listed Muslims, Christians and communists as 'three threats'.

BJP MLAs Vasudev Devnani, Madan Dilawar created an uproar in the House over the comments by the Congress minister.

Assembly Speaker CP Joshi intervened, saying the debate should be constructive and focused on challenges of futures which should be addressed.

He said there was nothing wrong if the minister has referred to a book in the House, and also asked Dhariwal to rather focus on the challenges of the future.

Thursday was the opening day of a two-day special session convened to mark 70th year of the adoption of the Constitution.

Continuing his address, the minister said there was a need to 'identify' those who have tried to make the Constitution of the country 'fail'.

'This is needed to be done so as to improve the things in future,' he said.

He said those who have raised voice for the review of the Constitution and reservation system, 'insult' the tricolor.

'Those who were against the bandh call given after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and those who have worked to fail the Constitution should be identified,' the minister said.

'If we do not deliberate on this, the debate on the Constitution would not be successful. Those who act on the lines of a certain ideology in a hidden manner will not be forgiven by the people,' he said, without naming any individual, party or organisation.

He said it was 'unfortunate' that the prime minister was silent when US president called him the father of India in a meeting in the US sometime back.

Talking about the making of the Constitution, Dhariwal said B R Ambedkar, who was the head of the drafting committee, focused on women empowerment and ensured social security.

He claimed that public institutions were being weakened today, Right to Information Act was diluted and the freedom of media has also shrunk.

Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot said the Constitution was created by visionary leaders and to protect its spirit is the work of not just the government or a party, but it is the duty of every citizen.

Referring to the remark made by BJP MP Pragya Thakur in Lok Sabha on Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse, Pilot said every nationalist should condemn the comment.

He said nationalism is not about talking on the lines of religion and raising slogans only, but raising voice against injustice and atrocities is nationalism .

Pilot said the 'certificate of nationalism is not issued at the office of a political party'. PTI SDA CK