This Confrontation Between Mother Bear and Tigers in Ranthambore Teaches us All a Lesson

The internet is a strange place that can clearly entertain you with its many tales. In one of these tales shared on Twitter, the courage of a mother sloth bear comes out as a winner against the might of the tigers.

A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging site to tell a decade-old story from the "Ranthambhore tiger reserve about 6 wild animals – a mama Sloth bear with two babies on her back, a pair of mating tigers and an ape with a camera (me)."

The user, Aditya said that he "had heard that there was a mating pair of tigers in an area called Kala Paani and we went there hoping to get pictures of the mating tigers. We did find a male tiger Ustaad and female called Noor."

Taking to the next Tweet he said that after a short wait he saw a mother bear with two young ones on her back. "The curious cubs were playing with each other while the mother started walking in the towards the tigers. We thought that the bear was in serious danger."

Adding further he said that after the tigress got up and started stalking the bear, he "could hear two voices in his head – one telling that the bear is going to die and the other telling to keep calm and stay steady. Easier said than done."

In the later tweets to follow, Aditya described that how on getting the "scent of the tigers", the bear raised her head to see them approaching. After the "babies instantly buried their pale snout in the mother's fur", she charged at the "full-grown tigress". "Raw Courage," he added.

One might wonder that "big cats like tigers have no real competition in the wild and they are not used to other animals charging at them." But having faced with such a situation the tigress decided to "retreat, hoping that the bear would just go." But the story took a twist.

Realising that the bear will not let her go off just like that, the tigress took to a confrontation.

What the bear did next, had left Aditya in an amusement. "The bear then went down on all four legs and bowed her head low challenging the tigress – a sign of extreme agitation: he said adding, "If you are on foot in the wild and you see a tiger or a bear doing this – you have very little time left on this planet. Take my word for it. Don’t try it."

The tigress' response was even more surprising for Aditya, as she "bolted". "The tigress realized that she had bitten off more than she could chew. FIGHT OR FLIGHT. After few tense moments the tigress decided that flight was a better option," he said adding, "No one had ever told me that this could happen."

All this while, the Ustad was just being a mere spectator. After being quite unhappy about seeing his team lose, he decided to step forward. "The moment Ustaad got involved the bear got up on her real legs and started swinging arms while screaming," read the post.

How is it supposed to be when "male tigers approach any animal in Indian jungles?" The animal runs? But here the male "decided to retreat" when the bear fought back so "aggressively".

After the mating pair "chickened out," netizens were only left to realise that the tale is one of those childhood stories, where at the end you want to ask, "So what's the moral of the story?. Aditya adds, "Never underestimate a mother."

The post went on to become viral too soon with Twitterati thronging to comment's section to express their views on the powerful story of an angry mamma bear.