Computer operator at JNU has 9 Guinness World Records

New Delhi, June 23 (ANI): Vinod Kumar Chaudhary, 41 year old, computer operator at JNU's School of Environmental Sciences (SES) who also runs a computer institute at home where he teaches students and people in need, has nine Guinness World Records. Eight of the Guinness Records he obtained for typing and one in sports. Speaking to ANI, Vinod said, "I have records for typing with my nose, with blindfolds and with a mouth stick. I made the first record in 2014 for typing with my nose. I have other records like typing blindfolded, typing with one hand, typing with one finger and typing with a mouth stick. No one has broken my records. I break my own records and try to improve. My last record is for maximum touching of hand by a tennis ball within one minute. I could do it 205 times." Vinod said athlete Milkha Singh has been his inspiration since childhood.

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