Composer Sajid Khan Changes Surname to Wajid in Memory of Late Brother

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Music director Sajid Khan of the popular duo Sajid-Wajid, has now adopted his late brother’s name Wajid as his surname. Wajid Khan passed away in June last year after succumbing to COVID-19 complications leading to kidney issues. He was all of 42 when he bid adieu to the world.

In an interview with The Times of India, Sajid revealed that he does not want to be called as Sajid Khan and so he has now changed his surname to Wajid. He said, “Now, my name is Sajid Wajid and that’s how it will be till the end.” Speaking about what made him take this decision, Sajid added that Wajid is just physically absent, but his presence continues to be with him all the time. Substantiating his point, the music director mentioned that had Wajid’s presence not been with him, he would not have been able to compose music that he has been doing recently.

Describing his bond with late Wajid Khan, Sajid mentions that his relationship with him was unconditional and full of love. In fact, when Wajid was in the ICU, he went to meet him against everyone’s advice. “I was so close to Wajid that I met him in the ICU wearing the PPE kit much against everyone’s advice,” he revealed.

Sajid says there came a point in his life where he thought, if he had to die, he would rather die after meeting his brother in the ICU. The judge of reality TV show Indian Pro Music League stated that the void that Wajid has left is very difficult to fill.

Talking about his equation with his family and brothers Wajid and Javed, Sajid said that when their father was sick he had asked all of them to stick together and not let anything in the world come between them. This word from his father has stayed with him and Sajid and his brothers never allowed any factor including money or fame, to come in their way.