Complaint against minister for sexist remarks on Mayawati

Indo Asian News Service

Lucknow, June 15 (IANS) A complaint was filed Saturday with the National Commission for Women (NCW) against Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Om Prakash Singh for his alleged sexist remarks against former chief minister Mayawati.

In her complaint, second year law student Tanya Thakur has strongly objected to the minister's remarks during a speech Friday where he called Mayawati an "ugly-faced marauder".

Thakur, a budding lawyer, termed the minister's remarks "extremely crude and sexist, which is unbecoming of his position".

Tf a leader of Mayawati's stature can be humiliated through such unwarranted remarks, what would be the plight of ordinary women, she asked.

Thakur has asked NCW chair Mamta Sharma to inquire into the matter and take action.

At a rally in Ghazipur, Om Prakash Singh had said: "Aap log toh bahut bahadur ho. Jab aap log Mayawati jaisi soorat ki aurat ko panch saal tak jhel sakte ho, toh thoda samay toh hum logon ko bhi de sakte ho (You people are very brave. When you can tolerate a woman with Mayawati's face for five years, surely you can give us some time too)."

He had called the BSP leader "corrupt, badly-behaved and a marauder like (medieval invaders) Mohammed Ghori, Chenghis Khan, Ahmed Shah Abdali and Nadir Shah."

"Such language from a minister against a former chief minister not only exposes his mindset towards women but also raises serious doubts on the well-being of women in the state, who are already reeling under a spate of attacks," Thakur told IANS.