Provide compensatory jobs or salary to dependents of deceased teachers: GSTA

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New Delhi [India], May 30 (ANI): Government School Teachers Association (GSTA) on Saturday demanded Delhi government salaries for the dependents of COVID-deceased teachers who are too young to be eligible for compensatory jobs till they become old enough to be eligible.

The GSTA wrote a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodiya and requested to consider their demands.

Speaking to ANI, GSTA General Secretary Ajay Veer Yadav said: "According to our estimates, at least 120 teachers have died so far, according to information submitted by district officials of the association."

"Our number is not the exact since we do not have a systematic data collection system and it is likely to be more but our district officials have spoken to these families," he said.

Yadav further said that Delhi government has appointed a nodel officer who will look into the case of teachers who were not on duty and will process their files and submit those to the services department to look into compassionate appointments.

Yadav said that they requested the Deputy CM to ease up the rules for dependents of deceased teachers so that they can get compensatory jobs easily. All the deceased teacher should be treated as they died on during duty.

He added that some teachers died during quarantine at their home, their COVID-19 report was negative but they were died due to the same infection. "In this case, it is very tough to establish that they died due to COVID. Like Haryana, in Delhi too, salaries to dependents should continue for those where the deceased was the only bread winner of the family. (ANI)