Commuter Who 'Possibly Slipped' on Pigeon Droppings Gets Rs 24 Lakh as Compensation

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A commuter was awarded a £27,602(over Rs 24 lakh) compensation for "possibly slipping" on pigeon droppings at the Paddington railway station in United Kingdom (UK).

Network Rail has paid out more than £950,000 (over Rs 8 crore) during the last five years as compensation for slips, trips and falls at the 20 stations it manages in England and Scotland, according to The Telegraph UK.

The data was revealed after a Freedom of Information request by the BBC.

The highest compensation of £39,631 was paid to a passenger who "slipped on some liquid and landed heavily on their right hip" at London Charing Cross station.

Other large payout amounts for slips include £36,392 at Paddington and £35,721 at Euston and £28,000 to a commuter who suffered a "possible lacerated finger" at Liverpool Street.

Another commuter was awarded £365 after slipping on pigeon poo at Leeds station while two people were awarded £500 and £889 respectively after slipping at Waterloo.

Over half of the payouts were made following accidents at Euston, Paddington, Victoria and Liverpool Street stations.

Network Rail, which owns and manages most of Britain’s railway infrastructure, said a "tiny fraction" of commuters "experience a mishap".

"We're a big company that takes our responsibilities seriously. With tens of millions of people using our stations every day; only a tiny fraction of a percent experience a mishap,” Network Rail's head of claims and insurance, Philip Thrower, was quoted as saying.

"If we are at fault for causing damage or injury to anyone, we rightly compensate them for those accidents and put in place new ways of working to stop them from happening again."