Communications and Strategy Firm ´The Eclectic Agency´ Consolidates Global Influence Under CEO Alesh Ancira

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Amidst an ongoing climate of unprecedented economic volatility and widespread social instability, most every business vertical and its actors have been forced to endure significant setbacks, as consumer habits around the world continue to undergo profound and potentially permanent adjustments.

The International Monetary Fund recently predicted that the global economy will shrink upwards of 4.4% before the year is over; This gloomy outlook foretells a multitude of challenges at a local, national and international scale. In the business world, swift and uncompromising adaptability has proven to be of paramount importance – as millions of brands and organizations vigorously search for new pathways to emerge victorious from the crisis.

Where many see problems, a few envision opportunities. Alesh Ancira is the managing partner at The Eclectic Agency, named “The world´s leading boutique communications and strategy” firm by Forbes®, and he believes that individuals and organizations, armed with the right strategic approach, will be able undergo this transformative period, and succeed in the process.

The company, which has worked with or actively represents some of the world´s most recognizable brands (such as Hard Rock Hotels®, Cadillac®, Billboard® award winning artist Akon and leading biotechnology startup Otomagnetics, to name a few) enjoys a sterling reputation within elite business circles around the world, due to its commanding track record as related to crafting and implementing strategic consulting, public perception architecture and bespoke communication strategies.

As multi-national conglomerates, tenacious entrepreneurs, influential public figures and small businesses face the same major hurdles, demand for proven and highly effective solutions has skyrocketed.

“Our extraordinary team at T.E.A. has been able to secure double digit growth for our clients thanks to the unwavering dedication and attention to detail that each one of us brings to every project. I believe in surrounding myself with people that inspire me to be better.” –Mr. Ancira affirms.

Simple adjustments can make a big difference when facing great challenges:

  • Embrace the uncertainty. Remember, when nothing is sure, everything is possible. The pandemic has taught us that we cannot control certain situations, but we can choose how to navigate them.

  • Keep an open mind. Every major change brings with it a major opportunity – As an executive or entrepreneur, your job is to find it and act upon it.

  • Put people first. Cultivate meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships and help create a feeling of joyful collaboration.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Ancira believes in the importance of community outreach and is convinced that helping create new jobs, actively supporting local businesses and serving those who need it most through pro-bono work and charitable initiatives are fundamental aspects of the collective quest for sustainable social and economic development.

The thirty-year-old communications strategist and investor who completed an executive education program at Harvard University – under the tutelage of Michael Shinagel, PhD – has cemented a vast and powerful network of strategic alliances that span from venture capital, to entertainment, luxury goods, technology and renewable energy, across more than sixteen international territories where his firm has successfully conducted business.

“No client is the same, the challenges are different whether we´re talking about an investment fund, a chart-topping music star or one of the most iconic hospitality brands on earth; Our responsibility is to deliver the right solutions, regardless of outer conditions.” –Alesh emphatically states.

While larger companies for the most part have proven ineffective in minimizing client losses amidst the ongoing global health crisis (due to the fact that most of these corporations are in fact, fighting for their own survival) flexible and resourceful boutique agencies have becom

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