Communal hate-inciting Facebook page summons followers to disrupt inter-faith marriage

When one comes across a picture of a wedding card on social media, the thought that the display has been made to summon an agitation against the marriage, is not even the last thought that would hit one’s mind. Unfortunately in a world of make-believe harmony, the truth stands ugly and naked on this post by a Hyderabad based “media” page, that goes by the name Hyderabadi Media Wala.

The page with a trailing history of encouraging and inciting communal hatred uploaded an image of a wedding card recently. The inter-faith marriage between Zeenath and Nagendar, as evident from the card, has the blessings of their respective families and is to take place on Friday, 22 March 2019.  But the auspicious card has made its way to social media for all those wrong reasons, as this bigoted page that has openly asked its followers to stop the marriage.

The soaring number of followers condemning the marriage, making disparaging remarks on both the families along with their abominable choice of words, is appalling, and certainly not the disposition of a healthy secular society. The capital city of Telangana State has a balanced ratio of Hindus and Muslims and such baleful posts are a threat to its peace and harmony, for it’s only a matter of time before this virtual menace spirals out of hand and takes shape of a gory riot.

After massive outrage, and when responsible netizens approached the city police requesting their intervention, the post was taken down.

A couple of days ago this page had posted a video, shaming a Muslim girl, a teenager from her appearance, for traveling with Hindu friends who happened to be boys. The video had no insinuation of any romantic link-ups between these children, yet the violent and forced moral policing was grotesque to say the least. You may find the video here.

Here are some of the comments this video received: certainly not what is expected from a society that has been a living as a secular democracy since decades. Such open degeneracy impels us to second guess the veracity of the secular fabric we claim to be so proud of.

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It would be deceiving if we said no sensible Facebook users came in to condemn the act. We are grateful, we have people like Farooq Sk around us.

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We all are aware of the stringent policies social media platforms follow; Mark Zuckerberg, one with a proclivity towards the Left ideology, has zero tolerance for hate speech of any kind. A post may get banned for the most irrelevant reasons one many imagine – I know someone whose profile was banned for 3 days because his choice of words while complimenting someone’s picture didn’t conform to the community standards of Facebook. Social Media influencer, Dhruv Rathi got his page banned for a post on Hitler.

It is, hence, beyond one to stomach the fact that such a page is live on Facebook and it has not taken any steps to eliminate such pages and their posts.

The world was made to witness a gruesome act of terrorism live streamed via Facebook last week. Social media platforms, hence, were expected to pull up their socks and be more vigilant. Guess we were wrong. Pages like “Hyderabad Media Wala” have no place in any civilized society – real or virtual. The sooner the police and Facebook act on these, the better would it be for humanity and the peace it has been striving to attain for so long.