Here’s Commiserating With Tiny Tragedies We’ve All Faced in Life

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Ever put your phone on charge at night and woken up the following morning to find you’d never turned on the switch? Or, sat in a cab where trashy songs were blaring without your earphones?

Well, you’re not alone. Obviously. If your life is a never-ending saga of ‘tragedy mein comedy’, here are some tiny tragedies you may relate to. If it gets too real, laugh it off. I know I do.

1. Eyeliner Woes, Not Wings

You’re running late to work and entering office sans makeup may lead to a series of ‘Are you okay?’ questions so you very innocently whip out your eyeliner in the car. You manage to get one eye’s liner just right while the other’s a disaster – one eye’s dressed for the Met Gala and the other’s doing a walk of shame.

I suggest you mess up the other one too and make it a look. If someone asks you what’s wrong with your eyes, pull a ‘Poo’ from KKKG – say “It’s couture.” Hallelujah.

2. Stuck in the Middle – With Your Crush

Imagine your crush walking towards you in slow motion – wind in their hair, their eyes on you – and you’re smiling at them. If this were a film, you’d both fall in love in 3,2,1, and palak. Yep. The villain in your love story. An innocent bit of spinach stuck right in the middle of your teeth as you flash your crush your widest smile.

What’s more embarrassing, you ask? Them telling you that you’ve spinach in your teeth. Don’t want to die single, folks? Brush your teeth after meals.

3. Awkward Email ft Every Terrible Typo Ever

A typo in an email to your boss can make your day go from yay to ‘Why do I even exist?’ Friends, check your emails before you wreck ‘em. Or find a rock and bury yourself under it. Whatever floats your boat.

4. Going Back in Time, Only to Make More Mistakes

Your bedtime activity of stalking the people you find cute on Instagram and accidentally liking their old photos has got you into trouble so many times. Yet you continue to do it. When will you learn and know better? When?

5. Get Outta My Head, Bad Song

Need I say more? I’d take chewing gum getting stuck in my hair over a bad song. You see, a bad song getting stuck in your head is like an epidemic. Today it’s in your head, tomorrow it’ll be in your friend’s. The day after that, everyone around you will be humming it, and who’s to blame? Yeah, the song makers! It’s not even your fault this time! Hang in there.

6. Your Life’s a Joke. Period.

Ladies, chances are you’ve been carrying your sanitary pads every day. Hell, you even carried ‘em when your periods were weeks away. But when is it that you absolutely DO NOT carry them? The day of your period. That’s right. You think you’re smart but did you forget how exponentially dumb you are? Cute.

7. Why Rest When You Can Stress?

Ahhh finally. Been a long day right? You get into bed, all cozy under your five blankets and forty pillows. You needed this. What else do you need? You suddenly need to pee. You gotta get up just when you’d got comfortable. Come on little fella, you can cry as you pee.

If you find these tragedies super relatable, don’t forget to share the pain with a fellow sufferer.

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